As the capabilities of satellites increase, the ground segment becomes a bottleneck: Existing ground segment technologies and approaches rely on too many manual, time-consuming tasks and processes that are costly, introduce delays and do not scale well: mission planning, reporting, data processing & distribution, etc.

Celes, our ground segment orchestration solution is designed to help satellite operators operate the next generation of space missions. It reduces the time spent on manual tasks by up to 70%. By doing so, it improves responsiveness to customer demand, reduces staffing requirements, optimises the utilisation rate of both ground and in-orbit equipment and enables operators to scale up their fleet to large constellations of 1000+ satellites.

Celes constitutes a digital backbone that orchestrates data flows and automates operational tasks: optimal allocation of resources in orbit and on the ground, reconfiguration according to current needs, management of maintenance tasks, data distribution, etc.

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